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Tailor Made Retreats

Small Groups

  • Are you seeking an opportunity to escape with your circle of friends for a time of bonding, rejuvenation, and spiritual renewal? At Chosen Vessel (Julie Hirschauer Ministry), we specialize in tailoring your experience. Simply provide us with the details such as the number of participants, preferred dates, chosen theme, and your budget, and we'll create a customized experience just for you.

At Your Location

  • Have you noticed that those responsible for planning retreats often end up feeling more drained than rejuvenated? Let us ease the burden! You get to choose the discussion topic, the retreat duration, and the food preferences. Once you've personalized these choices, leave the rest to us. We'll handle everything—from ordering the food, setting up the room, organizing the schedule, to preparing lessons, games, and music. Your only task is to provide the address and unwind as we take care of the details.

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